Photography Testimonials

“Saw some paintings that reminded me of the colors of your photos. We loved the flower prints we bought from you and especially the super large “Outer Banks, North Carolina” print that your husband framed and delivered to us in Virginia.”

Bob and Nancy D.

“This morning I am looking out again over a field of sunflowers, lavender, blue mountains and a pale blue sky….even though I am standing in my home. I tell you, your photograph is better than Prozac! Better than any picture I’ve ever owned…a prize possession.”

Roger G.

“It was wonderful to meet you and talk a bit yesterday. I already know where I will hang the photograph and I look forward to seeing more of your photography in the future.”

Stephen. M.

“Thank you. I just love you’re work!”


“I have received my photographs. I am very happy with them. They are beautiful”


“My husband and I so enjoy all of your photographs that we have hung in our bedroom and in my den.”

Marilyn R.

“We so enjoy your photography not only for ourselves – but the gifts we have shared with others. Your work graces the walls of not only our home, but our friends also.”

Janis and Melissa.

“The framed photograph that I purchased at the art show is just perfect in my dining area. I am so glad that I found your show booth. Thank you very much. The best of luck to you and your wonderful photography.


“What an extraordinary gift you have! Your superb photographic collection has already been visited by many of my friends who are equally impressed by your talent.”

Tom. C

“Thanks for all your beautiful work.”

Barbara M.

“I love the photograph! Thanks again for everything. I know my husband will be very surprised on our anniversary.”


“Thanks, Madelaine. The photographs are simply wonderful.”

Vicki G.

“Your photographs are going to look beautiful on my walls.”


“Thank you for sending the 2nd photograph of Burano. It arrived safely and the pair look great in our hallway. We hung the field of lavender in our bedroom and we are totally enjoying it. Just what the room needed!”

Amy. WG

“We’ve got just the spot for our photograph in our newly renovated Provence bathroom. It really is quite lovely.”


“Thank you for your prompt work. The pictures are both beautiful and look great where we plan to hang them.”

Sandy R.

“We received your beautiful photographs and they are on display in our family room and we love them.”

Nancy and Ralph M.

“Thanks for being so prompt with the photographs. They look beautiful and I have them both hanging in the kitchen. My husband really likes the “bunches of lavender.”

Susanne S.

“I couldn’t have given myself a more glorious Christmas present! Your photographs are exquisite. Thank you.

Sasha W.

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