A Square of Sunglasses – Czech Republic

A Square of Sunglasses

Photographer Madelaine Gray creates some of the most stunning photographs with a variety details highlighted in a square format like this A Square of Sunglasses.

This photograph are available matted only and is printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper then dry-mounted. It is then matted in a hand-cut white, acid free mat with a V-groove. I personally sign each mat.


Print Size Matted Size Matted Price
8"x12" 12"x16" $59
10"x15" 16"x20" $79
13"x20" 20"x26" $129
16"x24" 24"x32" $159
20"x30" 30"x40" $199
Prices are less if packaging and shipping is not required. Please allow 3 - 4 weeks for delivery. Special Announcement! Canvas photographs offered for the first time! My beautiful photographs are now availble on canvas and I am thrilled with how the texture of the canvas enhances the artistic, painterly look of the photograph. It's a wonderful blend of old and new photography processes that allows me to create a stunning piece of art work in a different format. All canvas photographs are handsigned and each one is an original. The photographs are printed on genuine art canvas, using an eight color inkject process. The canvas is stretched over sturdy stretchers to a depth of 3/4" to 1 1/2" depending on the size of the canvas. A UV coating is applied to protect against fading. As with any kind of art work, do not hang any photograph, matted or canvas in direct sunlight. Hanging hardware is attached and the art work is ready to hang. Canvas photographs are beautiful with or without frames. Canvas photographs:
Canvas Size Price
12"x18" $89
16"x20" $139
24"x36" $259
30"x40" $359
*24" x 24" Square $229
*30" x 30" square $259
Free shipping! No sales tax charged if shipped outside Florida. Please ALLOW 4 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY - SORRY -  NO INTERNATIONAL ORDERS *Please note that not all photographs are suitable for a square size image.  Please email Madelaine to inquire about the availability of square photographs.

All prices include packaging and shipping

The quality of the photographic prints is much higher than we can show within limits of the internet. Slight tonal changes are a result of the JPEG compression process, and are not part of the high quality originals. The copyright you see will not appear on a purchased photograph.

To order your print simply enter this print name in the first box below and fill out the rest of the form. You will be directed to a checkout page where you can either pay by credit card or through your PayPal account. If you have any question feel free to contact me here. Thank You!

Print Name: A Square of Sunglasses

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